Tuesday, 30 April 2013


These are games for beginners and elementary students on some aspects: grammar, vocabulary or culture.

Let's have fun with English

Saturday, 20 April 2013


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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

BASIC 1: Series. Chapter 5

Hi! Watch the next episode of our series. Answer:

Where is the party?

Who´s Alison?

What is the party about?

What´s she going to wear?

Why is she in a hurry?

What happened to the dress?

What´s the matter with the stain?

What did they decide to do?

What shops are Jane & Matt going to?

What does David do in the clothes shop?

How much is the dress? How does she pay?

INTERMEDIATE 1: Series Chapter 2

Who met? What happened? Where was she coming from?

What does he offer her?

What are her friends going to do?

What was Matt doing at home?

Hey, watch the next episode. Answer:

What does she offer to make? And Matt?

What´s the quickest way?

What´s nicer than the city?

What happened when Helen saw her friends? What did she do?

What happened in the end?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

INTERMEDIATE 1 - Series Chapter 1

Watch this episode and answer the questions:

Where is the milk? Why?

Is there any bread? How much?

Whose the mug?

Are there any clean mugs? Why?

When did Matt last clear up the kitchen?

What does Matt has to do?

What was the matter with the two women?

What was the matter with the men?

BASIC 1 - SERIES Chapter 4

Here we are again! Watch the episode and answer the questions:

What is David cooking?

What does David´s meal need?

Why does David think Julia can´t eat it? How did it happen?

Who is a fantastic cook?

Is there any pasta in kitchen? How much?

Is there any tuna? How many tins?

What other ingredients do they need?

What time does Julia arrive?

What´s the main course? What is it called?

How does it taste? What does Julia want?

Sunday, 7 April 2013


You are going to watch a clip from a holiday TV programme and answer some questions.Answer some questions about the activity holiday and compare the different types of holidays 


This is an episode of the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry called "Buddies Thicker Than Water"
You are going to watch the cartoon and practise there is / are, a / some / any, adjectives, to be, plural nouns and present simple


On the following link you have plenty of activities on food. I hope you can enjoy all those exercises

Food and drink

picture from www.embassyhomepage.com

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

BASIC 1: Series - Chapter 3

Watch the episode


What´s their favourite place?

Who did she see last week? Where did she see him?

When did Matt last see his ex-girlfriend?

What does she sometimes do?

Who pretends to be engaged? What is a fiancée?

When did they get engaged?

Why doesn´t she wear the ring?

What´s the matter at the end?