Sunday, 27 January 2013


Phrasal verbs. Ah! those little annoying things that the English use to make it difficult to learn the language!
But don’t worry, here’s an English test to confirm and/or improve your phrasal verbs knowledge. When you finish your test, you will immediately receive your score. You will also see all the correct answers!

GET has loads and loads of uses in English. There are 28 different GET phrasal verbs (get about, get above, get across and so on…) and most of these have 2 or 3 different meanings! So, I think we can all agree that really improving your English requires some practice with this very important verb. So try this GET test to learn some common-usage phrases that you might not yet be aware of.

When you finish your test, you will get the results immediately afterwards. You will also be able to view all the correct answers!

GET - phrasal verbs

We use phrasal verbs based on the verb take quite often. Test your knowledge with these exercises. Have a look at the table and try working out their meanings and doing the exercises without looking them up first.

Phrasal Verbs based on TAKE

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