Monday, 6 April 2009


First listen to the pronunciation of all the English phonetic symbols and repeat them aloud.
The sounds of English

Now click on the two words to listen to the contrast in the two vowel sounds /iː/ / ɪ/. You can learn to identify the difference between these two sounds.
Unit one

Next unit is about the difference between /u:/ /u/
Unit two

In unit three you can learn to pronounce the letter o. Depending on the word, you pronounce it differently.
Unit three

Unit four teaches you how to pronounce /æ/ /e/ /ʌ/
Unit four

Finally the last unit helps you with /ɒ/ /əʊ/
Unit five

Apart from those units and exercises, there are quizzes to practise. Who said that pronunciation was boring? Quizzes

To watch the videos and do the activities and quizzes online you will need the free Flash Player software for your computer.
If you are not able to use Flash you can download all the videos and activities to your computer. Some of these files are very large so may take some time to download depending on the speed of your connection.

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